Is it just me or was my last post the most boring thing ever? It appears that unless I’m talking about heartache or donkey sex I’m quite dull. So speaking of…”Donkey Show” was rejected from Hardluck Stories today. It made it to the third and final round of consideration but ultimately didn’t fit with the rest of the stories in the issue. Dave Z had some nice things to say about the story though and I sent it right off to Thuglit which is my first time submitting to them.

Hardluck and Thuglit both had good showings in the latest Million Writer’s Award notable stories. Another, Shred of Evidence, also had a good showing. Hardluck and Shred are two markets I am trying desperately to crack.

But I’m really proud to announce that two professors from the writing department at Eastern Michigan University were among the notable authors. Congrats to Steven Gillis and Stefan Kiebsky. I wish I would have had something to enter for consideration last year. But even though I did a lot of short story writing last year, most of it won’t be published until this year (if at all). Two of the stories currently making the submissions rounds are some of my best work so far I think. I look forward to giving them an audience.

How did the rest of you fare last year short story-wise?

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  1. Did well. 5 stories saw light of day. 6 if you count the “police auction” blog project. This year will be better. Got invited to a couple of anthologies. That’ll be cool. Going to try my hand at flash fiction soon. It’s harder than it looks.0 novels sold though, and I’ve been shopping one around for about 18 months.

  2. I want to read about the donkey show, damn it! If it doesn’t make it into the pages of Thug Lit, how about posting it on Demolition? Would that be bad form? If I’m not mistaken, Smith and Gischler posted stories in Plots with Guns in the early days. Just a thought.

  3. Not counting Flashing in the Gutters, I’ve only sent out one so far – but it was accepted, at A Cruel World.I do have more in the pipeline but the paying freelance stuff comes first…

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