Well, I finally got a job. Sort of. I’ve been offered the position of Resident Artist/Technician with a local theater company which is great news. After living in New York City and Ann Arbor, it’s kind of odd that I had to come back to one of the most depressed markets in the country to get something of a dream job. But since we’re on a new negative streak here at Coping with Sanity, there’s bad news too.

It pays less than any other job I’ve had since McDonalds three years ago, and it’s only part-time. Now it’s more than enough money to pay my bills and dwindle my debt but there won’t be much for saving which is one of the main reasons I moved back home. The position is only interim for now. After June 30 they will convert it to a full-time salaried staff position and I’d have a huge leg up in that job search. So I guess that’s good. It’s just a bit of a let down for me as I’d been placing all of my hopes for getting out of my current funk on this one job. That probably wasn’t real bright.

But still, I’m working in theater, I get to wear jeans to work and maybe even use power tools, and with only working 30 hours a week I’ll have plenty of time to write. Though with these past few weeks being completely unemployed, I haven’t gotten much work done. This weekend I did two 500 word chunks on the new book which hasn’t been worked on in more than two weeks. I also fiddled around with the short story I’m working on.

I hope something good happens soon to break this funk because I’m not sure I’m cut out for life as a pessimist.

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  1. We haven’t been able to save much for several years now. It’s the exorbitant cost of living and the crappy teacher salaries (husband’s) and the fact that I am just so hell-bent on being a writer instead of getting a real job. What is the matter with me??Besides, I’ve found near-poverty is good for the fiction… gives it an extra edge. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.)You are starting to break through, sounds like. Blessings are blessings!

  2. Bryon, the key to making it as a writer between the ages of 25-32 is to find a patron. Where better to find a patron than hanging around a theater?It worked for Shakespeare.Hang in there, man! Enjoy it. This could be the start of something very big!Stacey

  3. Congratulations on the job.Times don’t change much. When I was doing theater tech it paid more in beer and pizza than money. But I still regret giving it up some times. It might not net you much money in the bank, but you don’t spend your days wanting to claw your eyes out. And at the end of the day, that’s important. And remember, if the actors piss you off, go all Phantom of The Opera and drop a Leko on ’em. Fuckin’ prima donnas.And good stuff happens all the time. 1000 words in a weekend, the love of the entire city of Toledo… or have I been reading that wrong? All depends on how you look at it. You’re above ground, out of jail and not on fire. Everything else is just details.

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