I woke up this morning smelling donuts in my dreams. Nutty ones. That’s not a bad way to start the day. Here are some other pearls of hope in my life:

– I have nails now. After chewing my nails viscously for most of my life, I stopped a few months ago and they are all grown in nice and full and strong and without hangnails and other weird things hanging from my hands.

-Kelly Clarkson won two Grammy Awards. The world of pop music is heading toward balance in the force.

-I reread the first 100 pages of my new novel in progress and it doesn’t stink. There are even some portions that may not need to be rewritten more than two or three times.

-I completed one full scene and a paragraph of another on my Mexico-donkey-stripper story. And the deadline isn’t even until March.

-I have a second job interview today for a possible cool position with a local theatre company.

-I have my first substitute teaching assignment Monday. Junior high science. Lord help us all.

-The most beautiful women in the world, and possibly even Ohio, is coming to visit me this weekend.

-I will have a Valentine this year for the first time. Ever.

-My dad is alive. Yesterday he was rushed to the hospital with severe pain and chills and other nasty things. But after several hours of tests and poking and feline scanning they figured out it was nothing more than a stone. Job lost his family before his trials were over. I’m glad I haven’t.

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  1. I think a post that references both a Mexico-donkey-stripper story AND Job is like one of the signs of the Apocalypse…Or that maybe you should change the title of this weblog to Coping With Insanity.

  2. I’m glad someone else noticed that.Bryon, when you mention this donkey/stripper story, you know what we’re all thinking, right?In Panama the taxi drivers call them exhibitions and let’s just say the shows are a bit off-Broadway.Really, that’s not what your story is about, is it? And you let your mom read this?

  3. “The most beautiful women in the world, and possibly even Ohio, is coming to visit me this weekend.”Sorry to disappoint you, Bryon, but the most beautiful woman in the world is staying in Cincinnati. Diane is spending the weekend with me.Now, your girlfriend might be coming up to visit you. That’d be cool.

  4. You know what’s scary John? The fact that there’s a bar named Sharkey’s that does have great wings near my house and the fact that you are either psychic or a stalker.

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