100 Proof

I got a very cool email the other day from the guys at Pegasus Books. It was the galley proofs for A PRISONER OF MEMORY AND 24 OF THE YEARS FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES. This is the first time I’ve ever received anything like that and it was pretty cool. I also noticed that four of the contributors are from Michigan. In addition to my blog buddy Patti Abbott, crime stalwarts Loren D. Estleman and Doug Allyn are in the anthology as well. I’m going to go to my local bookstore this week, Aunt Agatha’s, and see if I can set up some kind of launch party for the book.

Along these same lines, I was reading posts on Lee Goldberg’s blog about how much writers were making from their crime writing and I felt a special reading it because 2007 was the first year I ever recieved any money for my fiction. Here’s how it broke down:

$5 from SHRED OF EVIDENCE for the reprint of LOAD

$25 from THE BACK ALLEY WEBZINE for my original story RUINS OF DETROIT

$75 from Thuglit for reprinting my story MURDER BOY in the anthology HARDCORE HARDBOILED.

That’s $105 just for fiction last year. It may not sound like much to some people but it’s great for me. And this year I’m on track to make even more. Yay, money.